Medha Hari will be receiving the "Natya Ratna" Award at the Trinity Fine Arts Festival on 23rd December 2017 (Friday) at 5:45 PM at Kumararani Meena Muthaiah College of Arts & Science, Gandhinagar, Adyar


    Reviews for Solo perfomances

� Talented Medha Hari of Chennai has the ability for fast rhythm rendered with consummate ease, full stretches in the sarukkai movements, and she sparkles with an energy which had the entire audience delighted with the performance. - Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, 7th Dec 2012.

� During the fest organised under Anhad series of cultural dance and music, Bharat Bhavan various well noted Bharatnatyam artists presented their splendid performances before the audience...The Antrang Auditorium of Bharat Bhavan witnessed the impressive performance by renowned Bharatnatyam dancer on stage... Medha Hari gave a marvelous performance on the concluding eve...The divine love of Meera for Lord Krishna, the dancing ardour of Lord Natraja or the story of Lord Siva became once again alive before the audiences... The audiences were mesmerised with the kind of performance by the dancer... Her moves and grooves created echoes of applaud in the hall. - The Daily Pioneer, Bhopal , 15th October 2012

� "Her dance displayed a unique combination of Discipline, Conduct and Practice....She brought forth the images of Lord Shiva through her dance....Her footwork in the Thillana clearly reflected intensive practice...."- Translated from Hindi, Dainik Bhaskar(Bhopal), October 2012.

� Medha expressively struck poses and performed specifics of Bharathanatyam..." - Translated from Hindi, Patrika(Bhopal), October 2012.

� Performance sparkled with crisply rendered theermanams and well timed and executed steps � Headlined ...The performance stood out for top-notch performance from the dancer�the challenging varnam �Saamiai Azhaithodivaa Sakhiye Endan� sparkled with crisply rendered theermanams and well timed and executed steps, the former for its rhythmic configuration and the latter for its symbolism of the Siva Thandavam. Medha is a bright and conscientious dancer, who was impressive from start to finish�. Despite the restricted space of the Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall, her nritta was not wanting in any department.The devotional kriti on Rama and the lively javali brought out Medha's expressive maturity.- The Hindu Feb 2012.

�Mesmerizing Medha� - headlined �sweat does not seem to display her tiredness � continuous dancing did not slow down the pace �she continued to amuse with face, body, legs, hands and every bit of her entire self �she can talk through her eyes and lips �crowd could not get enough of clapping hands �Janani Karthikeyan - Chennai Online � Jan 2011.

�Till her last piece Tillana the pace and tempo were maintained absolutely well�the stage was all hers as she took over it with her unique Jathis and Abhinyas��her Abhinya and Nritha were just outstanding��her araimandi, attami, mudras need special mention as she was too perfect�Medha enjoys her dance and performs and that is the result of her fantabulous output�.danced till the Tillana with the same stamina and tempo and they never got reduced at any point of time�� - Anitha. R -Chennai online Feb 2009

� �12 going on 21� headlined�.. her recital was as competent as a seasoned dancer�. Danced breathtakingly with springy steps and vibrant movements�.. displayed highly commendable skills rarely found in so young a dancer�- The Indian Express when she was 12 years old.

� �Innate Talent and Determination to do her best�� mesmerized the audience with her energetic performance�. Revealed composure and maturity beyond her age��devoid of stage fear or nervousness at any point of time�.. Hers is a case of fine blend of talent, hard work and commitment that is rare among her age group of dancers��.�- The Hindu on her solo performance when she was ten years old.

    Reviews for Group Performances

� "All dancers were near perfection, but Medha Hari. the youngest of all as Muruga gained unanimous appreciation for her neat presentation of the nrittha piece offered to her..." - V.N Lakshmi, Indian Express, July 2001.

� "The star attraction in this group was certainly little Medha Hari in the role of Lord Muruga. Though brief, she stole the show with her astonishing skill in Nritta receiving thunderous applause from the audience. With her smiling face she fitted into the role exactly..." - Nandini Ramani, The Hindu, August 2001.